Coral Prawn Huldah Party Handbag.

Coral Prawn Huldah Party Handbag.


Are you ready for spring?

Our bestselling velvet handbags are! You can now get one in the colour of the year complete with our signature sparkly shawn the prawns. It’s super versatile you have glitter shrimp on one side and plain coral velvet on the other. These bags are a real labour of love and each one takes about 5 hours to make.

Named after my Granny who always had something funny in her handbag. Huldah is a brand new design for us.

This beautiful pouch is a real showstopper big enough for all your essentials and looks cute carried on the wrist leaving your hands free for drinking bubbles.

We love carrying Huldah around in the day wearing our dungarees, just as much as we love taking her dressed up to fancy pants parties or weddings.

Made from beautiful silk viscose velvet and our signature glitter prawns hand cut and embellished with pearly beads.

Measures approximatley: 28cm wide x 40cm at it’s longest point.

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